Saturday, November 28, 2009

Masjid Dian Al Mahri | Golden Dome

Masjid Dian Al Mahri or known as Golden Dome Mosque is an imposing mosque standing in the city of Depok, West Java Province, Indonesia. The characteristic of this masjid is located on the roof dome is made of 24 carat gold. The building of this mosque has a width of about 8 hectares and occupies an area of 60 hectares of "hot. It is said, because the grandeur, the mosque is often referred to as the most magnificent mosques in Southeast Asia, exceeding Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta.

This mosque was inaugurated on December 31, 2006 with the name of Dian Al-Mahri Mosque. This opening date coincides with the Feast of Idul Adha 1427H According to stories circulating, materials mosque was directly imported from European countries and Brazil, such as gold, lighting, and granite from Italy, as well as some other materials from Spain, Norway, and Brazil. Its construction was carried out by qualified professionals from overseas and a cost of billions of rupiah.

Golden Dome Mosque was built by a businessman named Hajj-ah Banten. Dian Djuriah Al Rashid. Wealthy businessman has bought the land in the Depok area since 1996 and started building since 2001. Development mosque completed in late 2006 and opened to the public precisely at 31 December 2006.

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What's Mosque?

A mosque is a place of worship for followers of Islam. The word entered the English language most likely through French (mosquée), from Spanish (mezquita), from Berber (tamezgida), ultimately originating in Arabic: masjid مسجد‎ — Arabic pronunciation: [ˈmæsdʒɪd].[1] The Arabic word masjid literally means a place of prostration.

The word "mosque" in English refers to all types of buildings dedicated for Islamic worship, although there is a distinction in Arabic between the smaller masjid dedicated for the daily five prayers and the larger masjid jāmi‘ (مسجد جامع) where the daily five prayers and the Friday congregation sermons are held with a high volume of attendance. The masjid jāmi‘ also plays more roles such as teaching Qur'an and educating future imams.