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Tokyo Camii | Tokyo

Tokyo Camii (Japanese 東京 ジャーミイ, Tōkyō-Jamii, also Tokyo Mosque (東京 モスク, Tōkyō-mosuku), full name: 東京 ジャーミイ · トルコ 文化 センター, Tōkyō-Jamii · Toruko-bunka-Senta, in German as much as: "Tokyo Mosque and Turkish Cultural Center") is a mosque with adjoining Turkish cultural center in the district Oyama-cho (大 山 町) of Tokyo's Shibuya district.

The mosque was with a school on 12 May 1938 (Mawlid an-Nabi of the year) of the municipality "Mahalle-i İslamiye", Kazan Tatar emigrants from Russia after the October Revolution, under Abdürreşid (the first Imam of the mosque) and Abdülhay Kurban Ali Ibrahim in the quarter Yoyogi Uehara (代 々 木completed 上原) of Shibuya. At the opening ceremony were senior military commanders and politicians from Japan (including the founder of the ultra-nationalist Gen'yōsha Toyama Mitsuru and Admiral Ogasawara Naganari) and abroad present.

In 1986 the mosque was demolished because of severe structural damage. Under the auspices of the Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı 1998 a new building was then begun, which was completed in 2000 and was its cost to about 1.5 billion yen came and architect Muharrem Hilmi Senalp. The construction is based on the ornamentation of Ottoman religious architecture. The inauguration ceremony was hosted on 30 June 2000, held at the Turkish Ambassador in Japan, Yaman Başkut a speech. At the opening ceremony were also the State Minister Fikret Ünlü and the Chairman of the Presidium for Religious Affairs, Mehmet Nuri Yilmaz, present.

In 2003, the then Turkish Parliament Speaker Bulent Arınç said during a visit to the mosque, "I hope those who come and see this, should be converted to the true religion." [6] One day later, he explained that he had been misunderstood. He had asked the Japanese never to repent. In 2004, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited as part of a state visit to the Tokyo Camii. He was accompanied by the then State Minister Ali Babacan, the Ministers of Health and Tourism, a group of MPs and the Turkish ambassador in Tokyo, Solmaz Ünaydin.

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